General Ability, English and Mathematics Tests (for the North Shore Coaching College)

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Dr Zhonghua Zhang

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Tests have been designed to measure General Ability, English and Mathematics (GEM) tests.They are administered early in March each year and initially to students in years 4, 5 and 6, in colleges run by the North Shore Development and Coaching Centre (NSDC Pty Ltd) throughout Australia. Each year the tests attract a number of additional students. The aim of the tests is to monitor student progress in the three subject areas. The multiple-choice format items in the tests are designed and scored by the Assessment Research Centre. Reports containing overall individual performance in each subject are given to each participant after the competition, including basic statistics on interstudent and intrastudent comparisons. Constructive feedback is also given to the student.

A calibrated Item Bank is constructed for this testing program, which has been in operation since 1999. All items used in the testing program are systematically coded, categorised and calibrated onto the one continuum to facilitate a strategic and informed approach to test construction. The responses for each item are combined to provide a complete history of item usage for the calibration process.


  • Zhonghua Zhang
  • Nafisa Awwal
  • Myvan Bui


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Assessment Research Centre