Evaluation of external assessment trials

Project Leader

Dr Rebekah Luo
T: 8344 8432
E: rebekah.luo@unimelb.edu.au
W: Personal web page

Project Details

This project involved an evaluation of a suite of external assessment instruments being trialled in Queensland as part of the development of new senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems. This project was conducted in three phases for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

It evaluated the design and implementation of the assessment instruments, including test administration protocols, marking processes, analysis of student trial data, and dissemination of student results to schools and students. Recommendations were provided to QCAA based on the findings of the analysis and evaluation of the instrument as well as related products and processes. Subjects involved in the evaluation included:

  • Phase 1: Chemistry, English, Geography, Mathematics B, Modern History
  • Phase 2: Graphics, Economics
  • Phase 3: English, Japanese, French, Mathematics, Physical Education, Visual Art


Phase 1

  • Project team: Narelle English, Pam Robertson, Masa Pavlovic
  • Subject area experts: Ann Osman, Associate Professor Larissa Mclean Davies, Dr Jeana Kriewaldt, Dr Caroline Bardini, John Whitehouse

Phase 2

  • Project team: Megan Collins
  • Subject area experts: Anita Forsyth, Kathryn Coleman

Phase 3

  • Project team: Megan Collins, Dr Matthew Courtney
  • Subject area experts: Associate Professor Russell Cross, Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah, Associate Professor John Quay, Philippe Vallantin, Professor Susan Wright


Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)

Research Centre

Assessment Research Centre