Evaluation of Doxa Youth Foundation

Project Details

Doxa Youth Foundation (Doxa) is a not-for profit organisation that seeks to improve the long-term outcomes of disadvantaged children and young people by providing education-related programming for young people. Much of Doxa’s work centres around two streams of work that, together, seek to improve resilience, self-worth and relational health among participants:

  1. experiential camps, including outdoor education camps and city camps for students from rural/regional areas, and
  2. university-related mentoring programs.

Doxa has contracted the Centre for Program Evaluation (CPE) to construct a measurement framework, deliver evaluation capacity building (ECB) and provide evaluation services. Over the coming months, the CPE will work with the Doxa team to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework that Doxa can use to guide ongoing program development and implementation as they continue to progress in their work supporting Australian youth.


  • A/Prof Janet Clinton – Chief Investigator
  • Dr Gerard Calnin – Lead Evaluator
  • Sarah Mason – Project Manager and Evaluator


Doxa Youth Foundation