Early Learning Teaching Trial

Project Lead

A/Professor Jane Page

Project Details

The REEaCh Hub, in partnership with the Centre for Program Evaluation, have been engaged by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment to deliver the Early Learning Teaching Trial (the trial), an initiative under the Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan. The trial will involve the design and implementation, informed by consultation, of an Australian-first new early learning and teaching model in two sites. The trial will focus on strengthening early literacy and numeracy outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children as they get ready for school. The two sites will be selected in consultation with local communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders in early 2022. The trial will be informed by consultation and delivered in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education experts and communities in the selected sites, to ensure implementation is culturally safe and tailored to community needs.

The trial will develop a contemporary Australian research evidence base and generate new data and insights to better understand the impact of explicit instructional approaches in early childhood settings. Specifically, the trial will help the Australian Government better understand how effective explicit instruction is for younger cohorts, given a trial of explicit instruction has never been conducted in Australia for children under the age of five. The trial will be evidence informed and draw on international evidence and local expertise regarding the benefits of different instructional models. It will be designed to complement the existing Australian early learning frameworks, to assist the Department to understand the impact of explicit instruction delivered within a broader play-based approach.