Early Learning Teaching Pilot

Project Details

The three year process and impact evaluation of the Early Learning Teaching Pilot (ELTP) commenced in 2021, whereby the Australian Government’s Department of Education (DoE) engaged the Research in Effective Education in Early Childhood (REEaCH) and the Centre for Program Evaluation (CPE) to design, deliver and evaluate a new early learning teaching model that strengthens children’s literacy and numeracy learning in early child education and care settings. ELTP is taking place in three early learning services, two located in the Northern Territory and one in Victoria, and is expected to benefit up to 200 children and their families. The model of explicit instruction has been designed to complement play-based learning, consistent with Australian early learning frameworks, to assist the DoE in understanding the impact of explicit instruction delivered within a broader play-based approach. ELTP is an initiative under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap (National Agreement) which is focused on improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children as they get ready for school.