Discussion Paper – Social Emotional Learning Support for Students in Transition

Project Lead

Prof. Helen Cahill

Project Details

The Northern Territory Department of Education commissioned a review of the literature and the fashioning of a teacher-friendly report to guide NT schools in their efforts to strengthen positive school transitions. The report reviewed the research from over 100 articles. It featured consideration of methods to ensure that schools use culturally appropriate, trauma-informed and relationship-centric approaches to supporting transitions for students entering primary, secondary and boarding residency environments. The report provided strategies for establishing positive staff-student relationships, fostering experiences of peer support, building strong home-school connection, enhancing engagement in learning, providing social and emotional learning programs, nurturing cultural recognition, and using trauma-informed approaches.


  • Helen Cahill
  • Catherine Smith
  • Jessica Crofts
  • Anne Farrelly
  • Ruth Forster


Northern Territory Department of Education