Determining implementation drivers in resilience education

Project lead

Prof. Helen Cahill

Project Details

An ARC Linkage project was awarded in 2016, to be led by Helen Cahill. This 3-year study aims to investigate how training and school factors influence the uptake, implementation and impact of the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program in the state of Victoria. This education program was developed by Helen Cahill and colleagues for use in Victorian Primary and Secondary schools. The project will be conducted with 40 schools. The research aims to provide evidence based recommendations for education departments seeking to support optimal implementation of social and emotional learning and respectful relationships programs in schools.


  • Helen Cahill
  • Lindsay Oades
  • Peggy Kern
  • Richard Midford


  • Australian Research Council (Linkage)
  • VicHealth
  • Department of Education Victoria