Defining the Status of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People

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Prof. Johanna Wyn

Project Details

Young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds represent 25% of all Australian 12-24 year olds. Their specific needs are not addressed by policy or government, and this severely limits their access to opportunities. In collaboration with nine Australian organisations, this project aims to improve the social cohesion of Australian society and the living standards of a significant group of our young people by: critically defining the status of CALD youth; developing its first national status reporting framework that will generate new social, economic and cultural indicators; and building a knowledge hub to store and curate CALD youth data.

It evaluates the status of CALD young people by developing Australia’s first national status reporting framework and building a CALD knowledge hub. It aims to generate new economic, social and cultural indicators to support government and community organisations to better target policies and improve integration outcomes. Understanding the contributions and challenges of CALD young people will improve social cohesion by building stronger communities. The project will produce the prototype of an annual report on the status of CALD youth in Australia.


  • Johanna Wyn (Faculty of Arts)
  • Audrey Yue (Faculty of Arts)
  • Gavan McCarthy (eScholarship)
  • Rimi Khan
  • Jessica Crofts


  • Carmel Guerra
  • Hakan Akyol
  • Nadine Liddy
  • Etienne Roux
  • Andrew Cummings


Australian Research Council (Discovery)