Customised Program for Curriculum Leaders from Singapore (for the Ministry of Education, Singapore)

Project Details

The Ministry of Education, Singapore contacted the Assessment Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne to provide a customised program, known as ‘Overseas Immersion Program for Curriculum Leaders’ focusing on formative assessment.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • strengthen school-based assessment practices by focusing on leadership in formative assessment.
  • deepen participants’ knowledge on formative assessment, particularly in the area of using feedback as a tool to enhance formative assessment practices in school.
  • expand thinking to recognise and appreciate context and constraints of language teaching and learning.

The University of Melbourne drew on the educational assessment expertise from the Assessment Research Centre, and specialist experts on the role of feedback and language teaching from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

The Ministry of Education team from Singapore found the program valuable, particularly, the visits to Australian schools. They also found the breadth of experience in formative assessment worthwhile.

Group photo of the program participants visiting Aitken College, Melbourne
Program participants visiting Aitken College, Melbourne


  • Associate Professor Suzanne Rice, Project Director
  • Professor John Hattie, Presenter
  • Ms Amy Berry, Presenter
  • Marina Kociski, Program Coordinator


Ministry of Education, Singapore