Creative Problem Solving (for North Shore Coaching College)

Project contact

Dr Zhonghua Zhang

Project Details

This project is undertaken in collaboration with the North Shore Coaching College. A yearly competition is held to test the creative problem-solving skills of students in years 3 to 8 across Australia. Testing is carried out in late October each year and awards are presented to top students in early November. Online testing as well as paper and pencil testing are carried out. Test items along the strands of classification, application and reasoning are designed by the Assessment Research Centre. The items assess the pupils’ performance in different key steps in the problem-solving process and in situations that are both familiar and unfamiliar to the students. Reports on the performance, together with constructive feedback, are given to each participant after the test. In 2015 the Assessment Research Centre team is exploring new analytic models with the goal of providing participants with more in-depth information about their performance.

Initially the project was supported by an ARC Strategic Partnership for Industry Research Training (SPIRT) grant partnered by the NSDC Pty Ltd.


  • Dr Zhonghua Zhang
  • Nafisa Awwal


North Shore Coaching Centre