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Project Details

This project is undertaken in partnership with the Devonport Collective Principals’ Group. The aim of the group is to develop each leader’s instructional leadership practice as a key element of their leadership practice. There are significant focus areas of development documented in the Devonport Collective Principals’ Group’s Plan which requires change in teacher practice, including teacher beliefs. Leaders will need to be able to engage in explicit leadership actions with teams and individuals, which bring about change in teacher practices and improved student learning.

The partnership

The partnership between the Devonport Collective Principals and the Assessment Research Centre covers the following aspects:

  • Working with individual Principals – to develop strategic direction and priorities
  • Working with Principals and Middle Tier instructional leaders (as identified by Principals) – to develop instructional leadership capacity
  • Working with collective-wide teacher groups – to develop skills and knowledge through guided practice, common expectations and common learning.

Long-term strategic aims

The strategic long-term aims are:

  • The changes required by the Schools’ Plans are achieved
  • Leaders use assessment as a key element of their leadership practice and they are conscious of their own increasing capacity
  • Teachers use assessment informed, high leverage strategies to improve student learning.


During 2016 the project team worked with the principals to determine a strategic direction and priorities. In line with these priorities, professional learning addressing criterion-referenced assessment and teacher collaboration was delivered to a group of around 50 principals and middle leaders.

Data collection procedures were also collaboratively developed to enable the implementation of the strategic plans to be monitored. In November 2016, data related to teacher engagement in collaborative teams was collected to provide a baseline. In Term 1 2017, professional learning was delivered to staff within the collective schools, approximately 200 teachers, middle leaders and principals. Baseline measures of student writing were also collected. Subsequent data collections during 2017 will enable both teacher engagement and student writing to be monitored.


Pam Robertson

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