Assessment and Learning Partnerships

Project Details

This project was an extension of the Literacy Assessment Project, which has investigated the use of student assessment data by Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) in Melbourne catholic primary schools, since 2004. It examined teachers' collaborative use of assessment data to inform teaching. Among the goals of the project was an investigation of the implications of shifting from a deficit or remedial model of teaching to a developmental approach to improving student outcomes. Based on the work of Vygotsky, a developmental approach focuses on students' readiness to learn and individual differences in their capacity to respond to scaffolding of their learning. The study examined teachers' team–based approaches to the use of student assessment data in making decisions about the teaching of literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills.

This project was funded by Australian Research Council Linkage Project grant (LP 0991123), with Chief Investigators from the University of Melbourne and Partner Investigators from the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Victoria (DEECD).

In 2012, the research involved 148 schools across the following regions: Gippsland, Northern Metropolitan, Eastern Metropolitan, Southern Metropolitan, Hume, Grampians as well as from the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne and the Independent school sector. Over a thousand teachers are involved as well as close to 35,000 students.


Chief Investigators
University of Melbourne: P. Griffin, E. Care

Partner Investigators
Catholic Education Office, Melbourne: Leanne Murray (Education Officer, Literacy), Rosemary McLoughlin (Team Leader, Literacy), Paul Sedunary (Manager, Curriculum & Innovation)

Gippsland Region, DEECD
Karen Cain (Regional Director)

Northern Metropolitan Region, DEECD
Wayne Craig (Regional Director), Robert Stephens (Assistant Regional Director)

Academic Research Team
Patrick Griffin, Esther Care, Nafisa Awwal, Elizabeth Bone, Judy Crigan, Alejandra Arratia-Martinez, Leanne Murray, Masa Pavlovic, Patricia Quan, Shafqat Rahman, Pam Robertson, Katina Tan, Alvin Vista, Zuraimi Zakaria


Australian Research Council
Catholic Education Office Melbourne
Gippsland Region, DEECD, Victoria
Northern Metropolitan Region, DEECD, Victoria
Southern Metropolitan Region, DEECD, Victoria

Published Research

Books – Edited

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Conference – Full written paper in refereed proceedings

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Conference – Full written paper in non-refereed proceedings

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Conference presentation

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Griffin, P., Care, E., Francis, M., Hutchinson, H., Arratia Martinez, A., and McCabe, C. (2013) Assessment and Learning Partnerships: The influences of teaching practices on student achievement. University of Melbourne: Assessment Research Centre.

Newspaper or online articles featuring Assessment and Learning Partnerships

Hare, J., (25 June 2013), Study shows top students flatlining, The Australian

Topsfield, J. (10 January 2013), Results flatline for top studentsThe Age

Griffin, P., (10 July 2013), 'Closing the gap' fails schools' brightest, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Media Releases

Ambitious new project to raise literacy and numeracy levels in Victoria's schools (22 June 2009)

Brightest students not fulfilling their potential (25 June 2013)

Teaching Resources

Following on from the original work conducted on Assessment and Learning Partnerships, a web-based bank of teaching resources for reading comprehension and numeracy has been developed. Included are sample teaching strategies for each level of the developmental continua as well as taxonomies and templates for teachers and professional learning teams to download.
Teaching Resources


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