Assessment and Credentialing: A Practical Alternative to the ATAR with Big Picture Schools

Project Lead

Jayne Johnston

Project Details

Big Picture Education Australia has a 15 year track record of implementing an innovative design for learning and schools in a range of urban, regional and remote settings around Australia. At the heart of the design is a departure from traditional ‘appointment learning’ where everyone learns the same things according to a fixed timetable inside the four walls of a school. Big Picture uses personalised, passion-based learning as the key to modernising education and preparing young people uncommonly well for successful futures. They nurture creativity, curiosity and independence. During 2019/2020, Big Picture is partnering with the Assessment Research Centre to develop a trusted assessment, recognition and credentialing system that is designed to be used instead of the ATAR state-based senior secondary certificates (eg HSC, VCE) to showcase the attainments and qualities of Big Picture students. The new system is based on rigorous assessment of complex capabilities and will provide better tools for universities and other recruiters and selectors to recognise and trust the capabilities of Big Picture graduates.


Project Director
Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Lead
Jayne Johnston

Team members
Megan Collins
Dr Cuc Nguyen
Dr Jason Pietzner