Assessing and Microcredentialing of Complex Competencies in the University of Melbourne Network of Schools

Project Lead

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Project Details

The University of Melbourne’s Network of Schools (UMNOS), is working in partnership with experts in the Assessment Research Centre, to support the design and implementation of practical solutions to assessing and recognising complex competencies, including within their own schools.

UMNOS members are representative of the school system, drawn from: government, independent and Catholic sectors; rural and metropolitan locations; and primary, secondary and P-12 categories. The Network is highly regarded, actively contributing to improved learning outcomes and experiences of students, and informing, building and drawing upon the evidence base of the University of Melbourne.

Operating collaboratively and by way of an action inquiry, UMNOS is currently exploring strategies aimed at developing, assessing and recognising student attainment in general capabilities and other complex competencies, such as critical thinking, entrepreneurial or enterprise skills, collaborative problem solving, and creativity. This program includes research and evaluation of new ways of delivering and credentialing knowledge and skills in the classroom.

The Centre uses every opportunity to embrace new and emerging technologies, and has equipped participants in the design and use of progression-based assessment, judgement-based assessments, rubrics, developmental reporting, micro-credentialing, and application of digital tools for assessing, recording and reporting learning growth.