Access for All Evaluation

Project Details

The Access for All training program aims to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of mainstream health services for people with disability by raising awareness of disability and access needs among healthcare providers. The training is available online and is available to all mainstream health providers (such as GPs and dentists) and can be completed by both practitioners and administrative staff/management. The training is funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) Information Linkages and Capacity Building - Mainstream Capacity Building Program and was developed in consultation with people with lived experience of disability, healthcare providers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers and health care workers, and disability advocates. This process and impact mixed-methods evaluation is underpinned by Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation of professional development and learning activities, whereby the effectiveness of the training is assessed through a series of levels or stages that evolve from initial participants’ reactions (e.g. satisfaction, perceptions of relevance) to the application of what they have learned, to their practice and outcomes for end users. The evaluation team will analyse pre and post survey data on participants' attitudes, awareness, skills and knowledge before and after completing the online course. Follow-up interviews are being conducted with a sample of participants with the objective of understanding the impact of the course on their own practices as well as potential barriers to practice change.