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Project Research Contact Project Status
A Framework for building Relationships between Indigenous People and people and the University of Melbourne Bernadette Murphy Completed
A framework for enhancing resilience in development settings Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Affective encounters: Teaching and learning for schools and communities through museums and collections Dr Dianne Mulcahy
An evidence-informed framework for enhancing wellbeing Prof. Helen Cahill Current
Assessing and micro credentialing of Complex Competencies in the University of Melbourne Network of Schools Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan Current
Assessment and credentialing: a practical alternative to the ATAR with Big Picture Schools Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Assessment and Learning Partnerships Pam Robertson Completed
Assessment and Teaching of Foundational Skills for Diverse Learners: The Students with Additional Needs Program (for schools) Jayne Johnston Current
Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC), a collaboration with the University of the Philippines Professor Field Rickards
Assessment for Graduate Teaching Professor Janet Clinton
Attuning to affect in museum and school education: Embodied knowledge and its capacities and effects Dr Dianne Mulcahy Completed
Beginning teachers’ developing clinical judgment: competencies, skills and attitudes Teresa Angelico Completed
ArtPlay: Behind the Bright Orange Door Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret
Berry Street Alumni Project A/PROF Helen Stokes Completed
Building a Bridge into Preschool in Remote Northern Territory Communities Dr Jane Page Current
Challenging the monolingual mindset – leveraging students’ out-of-classroom language practices for pedagogical innovation in the English-as-an-additional-language (EAL) classroom Dr Yvette Slaughter Completed
Chinese Teacher Training Centre Materials and Resources Dr Yvette Slaughter Completed
CLASS Observation Training program Fiona Luck Current
Competency based assessment reform in the Republic of Vietnam Dr Cuc Nguyen
Competency Based Education Professional Development for Teachers of Primary and Secondary Education (for the Vietnamese Ministry of Education) Dr Cuc Nguyen Completed
Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Gender: Mapping of Resource Materials on CSE and Gender Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Creating Connections Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Creating Meaningful, Participatory English Language Teaching Pedagogies for Refugee Women and Their Children Dr Julie Choi Current
Creative Problem Solving (for North Shore Coaching College) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Current
Creativity, Risk, and Content & Language Integrated Learning A/PROF Russell Cross Current
Curriculum Policies project Kate O’Connor
Customised Program for Curriculum Leaders from Singapore (for the Ministry of Education, Singapore) Dr Jane Strickland
Defining the Status of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People Prof. Johanna Wyn Current
Designing Australian Schools Professor Julie Willis
Determining implementation drivers in resilience education Prof. Helen Cahill Current
Developing an ethical framework and web-application to study adolescent wellbeing Dr Gavin Slemp Current
Developing an instrument for measuring student well-being in schools Dr Tan Chyuan Chin Completed
Developing individual Wellbeing and Academic Plan Prof. Lindsay Oades Current
Discussion Paper – Social Emotional Learning Support for Students in Transition Prof. Helen Cahill Current
E4Kids Prof Collette Tayler
Early Childhood Learning in Museum Experiences Assoc. Prof. Patricia Eadie Current
Educating the Adolescent: An historical study of curriculum, counselling and citizenship in Australia, 1930s-1970s. Professor Julie McLeod
Educating the Australian Adolescent Professor Julie McLeod Completed
Education Benalla Program Evaluation A/Prof Helen Stokes Completed
Effects of Positive Education during the critical post-school transition Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Current
Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances Professor Jane Kenway
Enhancing adolescent mental health through positive education Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Completed
Enhancing desirability: supporting teacher candidates in their placements to succeed in rural schools Dr Hernán Cuervo Completed
Evaluate the impact of positive education on teachers and students in a sample of UAE public schools Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Current
Evaluation and review of assessment systems Hilary Slater
Evaluation of Doxa Youth Foundation Completed
Evaluation of Greater Shepparton Lighthouse ‘Conversations with Kids’ sub-program A/PROF Helen Stokes Completed
Evaluation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Ms Anna Dabrowski Completed
Evaluation of the MY Mentoring project A/Prof Helen Stokes Current
Evaluation of Vic Opera’s ‘Connecting the Classroom’ outreach program and three-year regional outreach project Assoc. Prof. John Owen Completed
Every Toddler Talking Research Evaluation Assoc. Prof. Patricia Eadie Current
Expansion of Early Abilities Based Learning and Educational Support (for the Victorian Department of Education and Training) Dr Nives Nibali
Exploring teacher professional learning in a virtual environment Dr Linda Ball
Factors affecting demand for higher level VET qualifications by students from low SES backgrounds and possible policy interventions to increase their participation in higher VET qualifications Dr Mary Leahy Completed
Factors enabling entry into and engagement with VET for young, early school leavers Kira Clarke Completed
Focus on learners: education experts to Government Erin Dale
Formative Assessment Current
Fostering rich and supportive learning environments for disadvantaged young people Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Completed
Gender identity in early childhood Assoc. Prof. Kylie Smith Current
General Ability, English and Mathematics tests (for the North Shore Coaching College) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Completed
Gippsland Micro-credentialing of Enterprise Skills - Phase 2 Current
Girls Writing Together: Developing writing pedagogies for low language and literacy learners Dr Julie Choi Future
Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Community Education Project A/PROF Helen Stokes Completed
How language develops, what goes wrong and why it matters: Following the Early Language in Victoria Study to age 13 Sheena Reilly Completed
IB’s Learner Profile: A comparative Study of Hong Kong, India and Australia Professor Fazal Rizvi
Identifying individuals’ impact on collaboration in ICT environments (Early Career Grant) Dr Claire Scoular Completed
The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) project Associate Professor Wesley Imms
Improving assessment with intelligent automation Narelle English Completed
Improving children’s language, literacy and mental health: Evaluating the impact of the Classroom Promotion of Oral Language (CPOL) Sharon Goldfeld Current
Improving the participation of young people with chronic illness in triadic medical discussions about their health Prof. Johanna Wyn Completed
Independent Review of the Validation of the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool Dr Rebekah Luo Completed
Independent validation of assessment: Developing and piloting and external assessment model Associate Professor Shelley Gillis Completed
Innovative methodologies for gender research: colloquium and pilot research workshop Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Innovative partnerships for youth engagement in education and work Prof. John Polesel Completed
International Baccalaureate Programs: Longer term outcomes Dr Katie Wright Completed
Investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers Dr Lucy Buzacott
Investigating quality teaching in the Victorian VET sector Associate Professor Shelley Gillis Completed
Keeping Connected: Young people, identity & schooling Julianne Moss Completed
Knowledge building across schooling and university Professor Lyn Yates
Knowledge Building Project Dr Peter Woelert Completed
Latrobe Valley Microcredentialling Project (for the LaTrobe Valley Authority) Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan Current
Leading country-based implementation of the Connect with Respect Gender-based violence prevention program Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Learner Profile Pilot Project Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan Current
Learning Mathematics with Technology Dr Lynda Ball
Learning to make it work: education, work and wellbeing in young adulthood Prof. Johanna Wyn Completed
Life Patterns Dr Hernán Cuervo Current
Literacy Assessment Project Pam Robertson Completed
Literacy Teaching Resource Dr Carmel Sandiford Current
Literate Practice in Factories of the Future: A Linguistic Ethnography Professor Lesley Farrell Current
Longitudinal Study of Learning Achievement of Students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Professor Field Rickards Completed
Malaysian Student Tracer Study Prof. John Polesel Completed
Measuring individual and group performance in collaborative problem solving (ARC Discovery Grant) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Current
Minds@Play randomised controlled trial Dr Jon Quach Current
Modern technology and assessment and certification - introducing Ruby Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
My Safety App: Scoping a safety and communication app for children experiencing family violence Assoc. Prof. Kylie Smith Current
NAPLAN Nicky Dulfer
Peace building and language Professor Joseph Lo Bianco Completed
Pedagogic Possibilities of Cosmopolitanism Professor Fazal Rizvi
Pedagogic practices in new generation learning environments in Victorian government schools Doctor Dianne Mulcahy
Peer Learning of Mandarin and English in a transnational learning space Professor Fazal Rizvi
Privilege and disadvantage in Australian universities, and female postgraduate experience Dr Maree Martinussen
Profiling Developmental Standards of Learning for Students with Additional Needs (SWANs) Completed
Program of evaluation of external assessment trials (for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Dr Rebekah Luo Completed
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Psychometrics and metrolytics Dr Zhonghua Zhang
Qualitative analysis of the positive leadership program Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Completed
Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students (ARC linkage grant with the Department of Education and Training) Professor Lorraine Graham Completed
Research and development of alternative to the ATAR with partners, the Australian Learning Lecture Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Research and Evaluation of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) in two mainstream schools A/Prof Helen Stokes Completed
Researching ArtPlay and Signal Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret
Review of Large-Scale Assessments for use in the Philippines Professor Field Rickards Completed
School-industry partnerships and the production of curriculum knowledge Doctor Glenn Savage
Shedding light: Private RTO training for young early school leavers Kira Clarke Completed
Social and Emotional Learning in the Boarding Residence Prof. Helen Cahill Completed
Strengthening the capacity of ChildFund staff and partners on child and youth participation programming and working with young people Prof. Helen Cahill Current
Student Wellbeing Dr Tan Chyuan Chin Current
Student Wellbeing Action Partnership Michael Elliott Completed
Teacher Agency Across Content and Language Integrated Spaces for Schooling A/PROF Russell Cross Current
Teacher Artmaker Project Associate Professor Wesley Imms
Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT) Prof. Janet Clinton Current
Teachers’ application of arts rich practice: teaching in and through the arts Susan Wright Completed
Teachers’ professional statistical literacy Associate Professor Robyn Pierce Completed
Teaching Academies of Professional Practice Current
Teaching Australia Dr Lucy Buzacott
Teaching Tool for Kindergartens (Assessment for Learning Project) Jayne Johnston Current
Text Selection in the Senior English Curriculum Dr Alexander Bacalja Current
The ACCESS Program Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret
The Assessment Research Centre (ARC) Online Tools system Hilary Slater
The development of teaching and learning resources to support the delivery of Respectful Relationships Prof. Helen Cahill Current
The Influence of Culture Factors in Positive Psychology Interventions Dr Gavin Slemp Current
The Kefayat Program: Competency based curriculum implementation in Saudi Arabia (for the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia) Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
The Y-Change Project Prof. Helen Cahill Current
The Young Learners Project Renata Aliani Completed
To labour on 'The Big Issue': homelessness and the construction of education and work Doctor Jessica Gerrard
Training workshops on psychometrics for national and international clients Dr Cuc Nguyen
Understanding wellbeing and peak performance in Australian football Prof. Dianne Vella-Brodrick Current
Understanding Workforce Literacy in the Technologized Workplace Prof. Lesley Farrell Completed
Visible Classroom Prof. Janet Clinton Current
Vocational studies in school - does it matter if I'm a girl and if I'm poor? Associate Professor John Polesel Completed
Wellbeing & Youth Consultation Project - Maroondah City Council Dr Tan Chyuan Chin Completed
Wellbeing & Youth Consultation Project - Whitehorse City Council Tan Chyuan Chin Current
Wellbeing assessment Associate Professor Peggy Kern Completed
Women in the Scientific Research Workforce Professor Lyn Yates
Women in the Scientific Research Workforce Dr Robyn May Completed
Workplace Literacy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Literacy 4.0 Project Professor Lesley Farrell
Youth Wellbeing Tan Chyuan Chin Completed

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