Other Useful Websites

Here is a collection of external websites that provide more useful information and ideas. We will continue to add to this over time.



The International Literacy Project is run by a team of educators and student volunteers from the Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne. Our vision is to promote literacy, sustainability practices and a connection to place in school communities around the world.

We use children’s stories to promote awareness about sustainability and promote education for sustainable development. Below you will find examples of books we have created with students in the Maldives, India and Malaysia.

Our team is available to facilitate online Zoom classes with primary school students using stories to promote awareness about sustainability.

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Climate Superpowers is an interactive, strengths-based website that was created with and for young people, along with researchers from the University of Melbourne, to support young people's mental health in the face of climate change.

Through the website, young people can take a quiz to find out about their `climate superpowers'  – social, natural, built, political, human, cultural and financial. They can then explore how they can use those superpowers by taking on actions for learning about climate change, self-care, everyday action and transforming society. There are over 120 actions to choose from, based on the stories and tips shared by 31 young people aged 12 to 25 in Victoria over a series of workshops in 2022.

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Climate superpower
Waka Moana


The Waka Moana Learning Hub provide access to learning resources, creating a confluence where knowledge and innovation meet. The primary goal is to amplify educational growth by providing educators with comprehensive, research-based resources across the Pacific.

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