Fourth Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference
“Developing a Sustained Impact”
7-9 February 2014

Welcome from the Conference Directors

Dr Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Associate Professor Lea Waters

Welcome to the Fourth Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference.  We warmly invite you to attend.

The Australian Positive Psychology and Well-Being Conference is a collaborative and community-based event, which began with seed-funding donated by the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney. The aim is to make positive psychology accessible to all and to host the conference in a range of different locations within Australia.

The Fourth Conference marks an important milestone for the growth of positive psychology in Australia and is a testament to the rapid expansion of researchers and practitioners who are engaging with positive psychology in our country. The overall conference theme is “Sustained Impact" as we pose the question of how positive psychology can continue to grow as a discipline.

We have both a national and an international focus in this conference with three eminent International speakers: Professor Martin Seligman (USA), Professor Felicia Huppert (UK), Professor PENG Kaiping (China). We are also delighted to have a number of internationally renowned Australian researchers presenting their latest findings: Professor Nick Allen, Professor Donna Cross and Associate Professor Nikki Rickard.

The conference provides an opportunity for psychologists, educators, performers and artists, organisational and community practitioners, policy makers, scholars and students to examine recent developments and evidence-based research across the discipline. This diverse group promises to provide opportunities to stimulate the intellect and to advance practice and networks.

The ‘Fast and Fantastic Findings’ sessions are a new addition to the positive psychology conference and will be an engaging way for the audience  to hear from both leading researchers and student researchers in the field.

The conference promises interactive and experiential activities that both signify and reflect the spirit of positive psychology.

The conference is a timely way for Positive Psychology at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education to connect with the community and assist with the exchange and translation of exciting new ideas in the discipline. The background of the University of Melbourne’s 160 year old campus and its beautiful grounds will amplify the positive psychology experience of delegates.

Register now to reserve your place at the Fourth Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference. Book your tickets for Professor Martin Seligman’s Public Lecture on Friday 7 February 2014.

Photo of Dr Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Associate Professor Lea Waters

Associate Professors Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Lea Waters have 40 years combined experience in psychology and tertiary education. They are both registered psychologists with AHPRA and full members of the Australian Psychology Society. They are founding members of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne and hold Affiliate positions with the Cambridge Wellbeing Institute at Cambridge University. Dianne is Secretary of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) Committee, and Dianne and Lea are members of the IPPA Membership Committee. They are internationally recognised for their research and serve on numerous advisory and editorial boards. They have presented their work at a number of leading conferences around the world.

Dianne and Lea are delighted to be the Conference Directors of the Fourth Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference and look forward to giving you a warm welcome in February at the University of Melbourne.