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Project outcomes to date

Working Paper 1 Literacy Practices in the Gig Economy

This Working Paper focuses on one aspect of Industry 4.0, the Literacy Practices of the Gig Economy. We begin by examining Industry 4.0 and its implications for skills and literacy, and we present a brief history and justification for our preferred approach, Literacy Studies, followed by an outline of the gig economy. In the methodology section, we explain the methods used and the data gathered in this initial desktop survey. In Gig economy platforms we present the findings concerning the nature and processes of seven gig economy platforms. In Gig economy texts we present our findings on the nature and use of the key text categories required for the platforms. In Preparation for the gig economy text cycle we present some tentative findings concerning the extent to which key educational surveys address the gig economy texts. In the final section, Literacy practices in the gig economy, we summarise what we’ve done and what we’ve found. We conclude with a list of questions raised by this study and outline the further work that needs to be done.