Teacher Artmaker Project

The Teacher as Artmaker Project (TAP) is a significant research initiative conducted at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE).

Visual Art teachers are somewhat unique amongst the teaching fraternity in that they not only teach, but they must also practice what they preach. Many wish to maintain a private art practice in partnership with quality teaching; in fact, a lot of art teachers believe that their own art making is critical to ‘quality teaching’. However, we all know that this is not an easy task.

TAP is an international first for visual art education, providing for the first time, longitudinal data on teacher’s participation in art production, perceptions of quality of teaching, and expectations of retention in the profession. This information will inform better teacher training and professional development for future generations of art educators.

TAP participants come from successive cohorts of MGSE’s Master of Teaching (Secondary Art) program. All participants complete an annual survey once they graduate, regardless of their career pathway. A number of volunteers from that group also agree to participate in an annual art exhibition that provides participants with the goals, motivation, and support group to maintain an active art practice during the early years of their teaching career.