Investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers

English education is mandated in schooling for all Australian children and young people. While the value of English is agreed, the subject content, the knowledge English teachers should have, and the pedagogical approaches used are highly contested.

This project explores the literary education of Early Career English Teachers (ECETs) in order to understand the role that literary knowledge plays in their teaching.

The project aims to understand how ECETs' literary knowledge develops and changes across the three stages of undergraduate study of English, pre-service education, and early career English teaching.

The key research questions ask:

  1. What role does literary knowledge have within secondary English curriculum and pedagogy?
  2. How do institutional and social contexts, such as tertiary study and teaching experience, shape ECETs’ literary knowledge?

Significantly, this project brings together the disciplines of education and literary studies to explore these key research questions and consequently, this project will impact on understandings of discipline and subject, and have pragmatic outcomes for policy development and for tertiary undergraduate and pre-service curricula.


University of Western Australlia
Deakin University
Western Sydney University
Australian Research Council