About the project


The Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT) project aims to develop a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) that can be implemented in all Australian Initial Teacher Education (ITE) institutions. It will offer a summative assessment of pre-service teachers, providing evidence of their classroom readiness.

The TPA will be a culminating assessment of teacher performance, employing multiple measures to evaluate pre-service teachers’ teaching and professional decision making. This will be assessed via a multi-faceted electronic assessment tool.

Developed in a Consortium of 10 leading ITE providers across Australia, the AfGT is designed with the input and collaboration of all stakeholders and is committed to:

  • genuine national applicability (the AfGT will be flexible and adaptable in its design to cater for the specificities of each context)
  • shared responsibility and a collaborative approach to the design.

The Consortium represents ITE diversity in terms of geography, student population, program types (undergraduate, postgraduate), course offerings and delivery modes.