Assessment for Graduate Teaching


The Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT) project aims to develop a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) that can be implemented in all Australian Initial Teacher Education (ITE) institutions. It will offer a summative assessment of pre-service teachers, providing evidence of their classroom readiness.

The TPA will be a culminating assessment of teacher performance, employing multiple measures to evaluate pre-service teachers’ teaching and professional decision making. This will be assessed via a multi-faceted electronic assessment tool.

Developed in a Consortium of 10 leading ITE providers across Australia, the AfGT is designed with the input and collaboration of all stakeholders and is committed to:

  • genuine national applicability (the AfGT will be flexible and adaptable in its design to cater for the specificities of each context)
  • shared responsibility and a collaborative approach to the design.

The Consortium represents ITE diversity in terms of geography, student population, program types (undergraduate, postgraduate), course offerings and delivery modes.


The AfGT tool will be developed throughout early 2017, with a trial involving approximately 200 participants across the 10 ITE institutions in September 2017.

It is expected that the AfGT will be fully implemented from 2018 onwards.


Consortium Committee

Chair - Professor Janet Clinton (UoM)

Working Groups

Literature Review Working Group
Chair - Professor Diane Mayer (UoS)

Design and Development/ Specialisation and Discipline Working Group
Chair - Professor Janet Clinton and A/Prof Kim Keamy (UoM)

Assessment and Measurement Working Group
Chair - Professor Helen Wildy (UWA)

Advisory Groups

#1 - School Partners
Dr Melody Anderson (UoM)

#2 - Pre-service and Early Career Teachers
Chair - A/Prof David Paterson (UoC)

#3 – Stakeholders from the Profession

  • Victoria – Professor Janet Clinton (UoM)
  • NSW – Professor Diane Mayer (UoS) and Professor Jenny Gore (UoN)
  • NT – Dr Jenny Buckworth and Dr Gretchen Geng (CDU)
  • ACT – A/Prof David P and Dr Kathy Mann (UoC)

Key MGSE (UoM) staff and their roles in the project

Professor Janet Clinton (Project Lead)
Director – Centre for Program Evaluation
Director – International Teacher Education Effectiveness Research Hub

Mr Lee Kiong Au
Operations Manager (Systems Analyst/ Developer) - Centre for Program Evaluation

Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Associate Dean (Teacher Education Research)

Dr Teresa Angelico
Deputy Director, Learning and Teaching

Dr Jeana Kriewaldt
Senior Leader - Clinical Teaching Practice

Ms Jane McManus
Team Leader, Program Support (Academic Support Office)

Partner organisations