About Young Learners Project

The Young Learners Project is a collaboration between The Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the Australian Scholarships Group. This research is also being supported under the Australian Research Council's Linkage Projects funding scheme (Project number LP0883437).

The personal and community benefits of achieving high levels of literacy are widely recognized, as are the costs of low achievement. However, some students leave school-education systems without achieving adequate levels, thereby limiting both their employment and life-style options. This project gives attention to the preschool years in which there is potential to develop skills within young children that will guard against future literacy failure.

The Young Learners' Project is a six year (2007-2012) research project which aims to identify factors in a four-year-old preschooler’s educational program, home-life or personal characteristics that are positively associated with the development of strong literacy outcomes in the first year of school-education.

Through investigating factors within preschool children, their family and educational settings, this project addresses a significant need to ensure all children have the necessary early literacy skills to enable them to achieve to their fullest potential.