Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students

This project, known as REAP, involves exploration of the trend of students in the upper quartile of student achievement not showing learning gains at the same rate as their peers.

Previous research conducted by the Assessment Research Centre found that there is a 'flat-line' of achievement levels of high ability students across all grade levels that needs to be addressed by direct intervention and analysis (Care, Griffin, Zhang & Hutchinson, 2014). These findings reflect similar findings internationally, pointing to evidence that overall gain levels in student achievement are being enhanced by rapid gains of students in the lower ability range. This project examines and identifies strategies and organisational features of teaching that address the issue, such that all students achieve appropriate growth trajectories that reflect their learning potential.


Care, E., Griffin, P., Zhang, Z., & Hutchinson, D. (2014). Large-scale testing and its contribution to learning. In C. Wyatt-Smith, V. Klenowski, and P. Colbert (Eds.), Designing Assessment for Quality Learning : The Enabling Power of Assessment Volume 1. Dordrecht: Springer.