Related projects

Related projects

Below are summaries of research projects which intersect with this project.

School Knowledge, Working Knowledge and the Knowing Subject: A Review of State Curriculum Policies 1975-2005

2008-2009 Australian Research Council Discovery Project
Lyn Yates, Cherry Collins, Kate O'Connor, Brenda Holt and Katie Wright

This project investigated changes and continuities in approaches to curriculum over the past four decades and across state differences in their values and agendas for curriculum. It examined approaches to knowledge, to students and equity agendas, and to how academic and vocational agendas are marked out; as well as the forms by which curriculum policy and management are constructed and enacted.

Recent publications from this project include:

Curriculum policies collected as part of the project have been digitised and made available on a curriculum policies archive (login required), which also includes a list of related publications and project resources.

Educating the Australian Adolescent: An historical study of curriculum, student counselling and citizenship, 1930s-1970s

2009-2011 Australian Research Council Discovery Project
Julie McLeod, Katie Wright

Educating the Adolescent is a cultural history of Australian secondary education in the middle decades of the twentieth century. It is examining scholarly and professional ideas about the purposes of secondary schooling, debates about the personal and civic values young people should embody, and ideals of citizenship and the kinds of social knowledge that schools should foster.

The research takes a close look at:

  1. curriculum programs and reforms, and
  2. the development of guidance and counselling in schools.

Combining documentary and oral history research, the project provides historical perspectives on these topical issues and will create an oral history archive for, and will deepen community and professional knowledge of, an important period of Australian educational history.

Women in the Scientific Research Workforce

2012-2014 Australian Research Council Linkage Project
Sharon Bell, Lyn Yates, Robyn May

The focus of research has been on women in science, engineering and technology disciplines in the academy. However, women in science in industry have been largely ignored and very little is known about mobility between the academy public sector and industry.

This project, anchored in the strategically important fields of biomedical research and chemistry related industries, will use longitudinal data analysis and industry case studies to extend knowledge of gender differences in scientific career paths and critical career transitions. This will produce a body of Australian data that will allow benchmarking and theory development against comparable, recent international studies and provide industry with tools to build and sustain diversity.

Investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers

2016-2018 Australian Research Council Discovery Project
Larissa McLean Davis, Wayne Sawyer, Lyn Yates, Brenton Doecke, Philip Mean, Lucy Buzacott

English education is mandated in schooling for all Australian children and young people. While the value of English is agreed, the subject content, the knowledge English teachers should have, and the pedagogical approaches used are highly contested.

This project explores the literary education of Early Career English Teachers (ECETs) in order to understand the role that literary knowledge plays in their teaching. The project aims to understand how ECETs' literary knowledge develops and changes across the three stages of undergraduate study of English, pre-service education, and early career English teaching.