Staff Careers in Science


Chief Investigator:

Professor Sharon Bell brings to the project an established record of working effectively with industry partners and professional groups on gender, the academy and the research workforce to produce robust research that speaks to its audience and simultaneously attracts widespread academic interest. Over the past six years she has produced three major reports in this field. She has been a leader in the work and the research projects undertaken by Universities Australia Executive Women and the facilitator and champion of that organisation’s most significant project to date, the current Gender and Employment Equity: Strategies for Advancement in Australian Universities. Professor Bell will lead this project, taking responsibility for data identification and interrogation; collaboration with ACER; liaison with industry partners; workshop and focus group design; and writing, communication and dissemination of research results.

Project Coordinator:

Robyn May is a PhD candidate at the Griffith Business School, Griffith University, and her PhD is on the casualisation of academic employment, as part of the ARC Linkage project, Gender and Employment Equity Strategies for Advancement in Australian Universities. Robyn has a background in academia and the trade union movement, and has worked at the London School of Economics, and in New Zealand, at Victoria University of Wellington, and most recently at the National Tertiary Education Union.

Chief Investigator:

Professor Lyn Yates holds concurrent roles as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) and Foundation Professor of Curriculum at the University of Melbourne. Lyn has longstanding research interests in gender and education, beginning with her 1987 PhD on Curriculum Theory and Non-Sexist Education, as well as in education and career pathways, and in social change and public policy. Her previous appointments include roles as Director of Women’s Studies (at La Trobe University) and as a member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts for the Social Sciences. In her current role, Lyn has been particularly interested in what happens to women in universities, and what opportunities are opened up and constrained for them. Alongside this ARC Linkage project on Women in Science, Lyn is also leading an ARC Discovery Project on Knowledge Building in Schooling and Higher Education: policy strategies and effects.