About Careers in Science

About the project

The focus of research has been on women in science, engineering and technology disciplines in the academy. However, women in science in industry have been largely ignored and very little is known about mobility between the academy public sector and industry.

This project, anchored in the strategically important fields of biomedical research and chemistry related industries, will use longitudinal data analysis and industry case studies to extend knowledge of gender differences in scientific career paths and critical career transitions. This will produce a body of Australian data that will allow benchmarking and theory development against comparable, recent international studies and provide industry with tools to build and sustain diversity.

Women in the scientific research workforce; Identifying and sustaining the diversity advantage is funded as an ARC Linkage project 2012-2014 (LP110200480).

This project, through collaboration between three strategic partners will build on the existing research to:

  1. extend understanding of gendered career paths in science outside the academy in two strategically significant fields – biomedical research and chemistry related industries;
  2. extend understanding of critical career transitions;
  3. produce a body of Australian data that will allow international benchmarking;
  4. provide data and strategies for industry to inform workforce planning and to inform policy making.