Collette Tayler

Prof Collette Tayler

+61 3 8344 0992

Research Interests:
Early Childhood Care and Education Policy and Provision, ECEC curriculum and Pedagogy, Integrated EC Service Provision, Social & Human Capital Development.

Caroline Cohrssen

Ms Caroline Cohrssen
PhD Candidate (APAI)

+61 3 8344 0959

Research Interests:
Mathematics in Early Childhood, Impact of Language on Maths Learning, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.

Amelia Church

Dr Amelia Church

+61 3 8344 0957

Research Interests:
Communicative Competence in Early Childhood, Peer Interaction, Developmental Pragmatics, Ethnomethodology in Early Childhood.

Sally Thornton

Ms Sally Thornton
Research Assistant

+61 3 9035 4289

Research Interests:
Language and Literacy Development, Early Childhood Education.

Leanne Hallowell

Ms Leanne Hallowell
Research Assistant

+61 3 8344 0956

Research Interests:
Early Childhood Pedagogy, Children's Engagement, Health and Wellbeing,
Children in Health Care, Early Childhood Educator Training.

Cath MacBean

Ms Cath MacBean
Operations Leader

+61 3 8344 0955

Research Interests:
Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Special Education, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health.

Frank Oberklaid

Prof Frank Oberklaid
Partner Investigator - Royal Children's Hospital

+61 3 9345 5350

Research Interests:
Paediatrics, Mental Health, Family Care, Community Child Health, Indigenous Health.

Iram Siraj-Blatchford

Prof Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Partner Investigator - Institute of Education, University of London

+44 20 7612 6218

Research Interests:
Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and the Impact of Learning in School and Home.

Gordon Cleveland

Dr Gordon Cleveland
Partner Investigator - University of Toronto

+1 416 287 7317

Research Interests:
Economics of Early Childhood Education and Care/Child Care.

Ray Adams

Prof Ray Adams
Chief Investigator

+61 3 8344 2898

Research Interests:
Large-scale Sample Survey Methodology, Large-scale Student Testing and Assessment, International Comparative Assessments, Item Response Modelling.

Patrick Griffin

Prof Patrick Griffin
Chief Investigator

+61 3 8344 8205

Research Interests:
Outcomes Based Education, Performance Assessment, Learning & Achievement Assessment, Profiles of Achievement, Judgement based assessment.

Karin Ishimine

Dr Karin Ishimine
ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

+61 3 8344 0952

Research Interests:
Assessment in Early childhood, Quality Measurement, Quantitative Analysis.

Dan Cloney

Mr Dan Cloney
Research Fellow

+61 3 8344 9534

Research Interests:
Public Policy, Education Economics, Child Development.

Tim Gilley

Dr Tim Gilley
Partner Investigator - DEECD (VIC)

+61 3 9637 3315

Research Interests:
Quality of Life, Child Outcomes, Integration of Research, Policy, Planning and Practice, Longitudinal Research, Evaluation.

Angie Mashford

Ms Angie Mashford-Scott
PhD Candidate

+61 3 9035 4818

Research interests:
Children’s Wellbeing in Early Childhood Settings
Children’s Engagement
Early Childhood Pedagogy
Children’s Perspectives in Research.