studioFive Award

studioFive received the 2017 Outstanding Learning Environment Award on Friday the 20 October, 2017 (presented by the Association for Learning Environments, Victoria Chapter).

The award focused on the pedagogical/learning affordances of studioFive and how the architecture and resources function to support this. The jury citation for the award described studioFive as a creative and inspiring facility, and highlighted studioFive’s innovation in relation to the five domains of ‘space’, ‘pedagogy’, ‘artistry’, ‘communities’ and ‘engagement/learning’ and how the centre facilitates research, education, partnerships and community participation. 

“It is a space that will enable the next generation of teachers to generate pedagogies that meet the needs of 21st century learners”. 

The award is a significant tribute to the collaboration and consolidation between PTID (Ben Lornie architect) and staff in Arts Education and their praxis within studioFive.