‘He’s selling himself!’: Enterprise, poverty and education

2017 Social Transformations and Education Research Hub Seminar Series

In this presentation, Dr Jessica Gerrard will reflect on methodological challenges of researching marginality, and in researching precarious spaces of education and work underpinned by the notion and practice of ‘entrepreneurialism’. The paper is based on the in-depth research undertaken on the everyday experiences of sellers of homeless street press (like ‘The Big Issue’) completed as part of Dr Gerrard’s McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship. Drawing on sellers’ own accounts of their enterprising work practices, Dr Gerrard suggests the need to re-examine the connections between contemporary education and work.

Dr Jessica Gerrard is Senior Lecturer in Education, Equity and Politics. She researches the connections between education, social change, politics and policy. The book based on this research Precarious Enterprise on the Margins: Work, Poverty and Homelessness will be published in June 2017.