What is education for? Perspectives on childhood, youth, wellbeing and care

In recent decades Australia has undergone significant social and cultural transformation, amidst intensified globalisation, migration and economic flux. Education is often charged with mediating and responding to such changes for the next generation, preparing them for future participation in society and work. But what exactly should such preparation look like, and on what sort of principles or practices should it be based?

In this seminar series presenters will reflect upon, and consider the fundamental question - ‘what is education for?’. Presenters are invited to consider this question as a provocation, with contributions welcome from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives, such as history, sociology, curriculum studies, policy analysis, psychology, philosophy, and politics.

Presenters include:

Dr Kylie Smith

Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the Youth Research Centre, MGSE  
Dr Smith researches how theory and practice can challenge the operation of equity for young children in classrooms, community spaces and government policy.

Dr Katie Wright

ARC DECRA Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Sociology, La Trobe University
Dr Wright’s research explores the impact of psychology in modernity, particularly how psychological knowledge shapes social and cultural change. She was awarded an ARC DECRA in 2014: ‘Childhood maltreatment and late modernity’.

Professor Johanna Wyn

Director of the Youth Research Centre, MGSE
Professor Wyn is Director of the Youth Research Centre and specialises in longitudinal research on young people, documenting their transitions across the dimensions of education, work, wellbeing, relationships and family life.