Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students - workshop

This workshop will help to establish a network of schools which recognise that many teachers are being overwhelmed by the information network and the internet. Students now have access to an almost infinite array of information, web sites, support structures and resources. Many schools could not hope to afford or to assemble these resources and strategies in a single location, even in digital format. So how can teachers support students who learn independent of the teacher via the internet? This project aims to help teachers manage the situation where the student uses these resources to progress independently far beyond the goals of the curriculum, the objectives of the teacher's class and those of the school.

This workshop held in partnership between The University of Melbourne, led by Emeritus Professor Patrick Griffin; and the Department of Education and Training, led by Dr Elvira Vacirca, Director of Improvement and Accountability; invites teachers t to develop teaching strategies to facilitate learning gains in high ability students. The workshop is part of the Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students (REAP) study.