Psychology Week Public Lecture: Finding ways to thrive

Presented by Associate Professor Lindsay G. Oades

Happiness, flourishing, thriving and wellbeing… these terms have increased in popular use in parallel to the rise of wellbeing science and positive psychology. Some claim these ideas are “Pollyanna-ish” and fluffy whilst others overstate the benefits of mechanistic brief cognitive exercises. What however does it mean to thrive and how do individuals, organisations and systems find ways to thrive? By drawing on research from negativity bias and approach/avoidance motivation this presentation will help you understand how wellbeing science provides fertile theory and evidence for yourself, and the health systems, workplaces and education systems that make up our society. This presentation will challenge you to explore your meaning of thriving and your contribution to creating more positive systems by questioning negatively biased systems. You will be introduced to wellbeing literacy as an alternative to disease discourse and encouraged to explore your own intentions to create the conditions to thrive.