Preparing teachers to teach interculturally, equitably and inclusively

International Teacher Education Effectiveness Research Hub Forum

Both within Australia and internationally, there have been repeated calls for schools to equip students with the ability to function in an interconnected world and interact with others both equitably and inclusively. This means that teachers need to possess the capacity to enable their students to develop this ability. Furthermore, teachers need to respond to the diversity of classrooms in equitable and inclusive ways.

Teacher education must therefore determine how best to effectively develop the capacity to teach interculturally, equitably and inclusively, for both pre-service and current teachers. There remains, however, limited evidence to support this endeavour.

This forum will discuss what is required of teacher education to ensure that graduates are prepared to teach interculturally, equitably and inclusively, the key questions that need to be addressed through research, and the implications for policy and teacher education providers.

Eeqbal Hassim

Is Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), recognised for his work in intercultural teaching and learning.

Lorraine Graham

Is Professor of Learning Intervention at the MGSE, internationally recognised for her scholarship focused on preventing educational risk for students who experience learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Elizabeth McKinley

Is Professor of Education at the MGSE, internationally recognised for her scholarship focused on Indigenous education .

Anthony Mackay AM

Is the forum discussant. He is CEO of the Centre for Strategic Education, Chair of the ACER Board, Deputy Chancellor of Swinburne University, Deputy Chair of Education Council NZ, and Chair of the National Institute for School Leadership, Washington DC. He was the inaugural Chair of AITSL and is the Moderator of the annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession.