Flourishing in the 21st century: The rise of contemplative science

A century of unprecedented scientific and technological innovation has given humanity the potential to resolve many of its material challenges. Ironically, the growth of prosperity within affluent nations has been paralleled by the growth of depression, alienation and other forms of mental illness.

One bright light is the emergence of a positive psychology of human flourishing and happiness which has been paralleled by a new dialogue between modern science and the wisdom traditions. This dialogue has given rise to the new interdisciplinary field of contemplative science with promising results - such as the widespread use of mindfulness practices. So what is the contribution of contemplative science – ancient and new – to our understanding of the nature of happiness and human flourishing? What is the potential of contemplative technologies to cultivate our minds and thereby transform our world for the benefit of all?

In this talk, Dr. B. Alan Wallace draws on contemplative science to present the dimensions of human flourishing and provide a model of mental balance linked to a range of complimentary contemplative practices.

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