Designing feedback for learners in intelligent learning environments

Science of Learning Research Centre Seminar

In this session, Dr Michael Timms, Science of Learning Research Centre Chief Investigator and Theme Leader, will examine the research to date on the provision of feedback in intelligent learning environments and provides illustrations of how particular systems operationalize that research.

Dr Timms will also put forward a new model of how learners process the feedback received and report on work in progress at the Science of Learning Research Centre in Australia to test and validate the model.

There is continuing growth in the use of intelligent learning environments in which learners interact with a digital system that provides them with feedback designed to enhance their learning of the topic being taught.

Typically systems report on progress to the learner, to the teacher and may make decisions about what learning activity to provide next. The efficacy of these systems rests upon a research-based understanding of how to identify when a learner is struggling and needs help; when to intervene; what feedback to provide; and how the learner processes the feedback.