Changing contexts, changing policies: An analysis of the evolution and implementation of early childhood policies in China

As the most populous country on earth, China’s ‘reform and opening-up’ policy initiated in 1978 has ushered the country into rapid economic development. Economic and political reforms have subsequently impressed themselves on the Chinese society socioculturally, including influencing people’s attitudes, beliefs, and practices toward education. Intricately influenced by the country’s political and economic reforms and progress, the landscape of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in China has undergone transformative overhauls. ECE has also subsequently entered a period of monumental development.

This seminar Dr Hong will begin by contextualizing the evolution of ECE reforms over the past three decades within a historical perspective of the changing economic, political, and sociocultural context. Then based on national statistics, this seminar will provide a critical analysis of the development and implementation of ECE policies in China, with respect to their impetuses, implementation, and outcomes in addressing issues of equity and equality.