Understanding physics through historical experiments

Using the history of physics as an educational means has been advocated for quite some time. Recently, history of science has become more relevant as science education no longer just refers to teaching content and procedures, but also aspects that can be summarized as 'nature of science' (NoS). A very particular approach that has been advocated for several decades includes the use of re-enactments of historical experiments. Through this approach, it is possible to address issues related to experimentation, knowledge production and education. Moreover, it is also possible to clarify scientific knowledge and concepts through experiments that were closely related to their development. 

Professor Peter Heering, Department of Physics, Flensbeug University, Germany, will address some general epistemological aspects of experimentation that are related to NoS-aspects and also use several examples to illustrate the potential that lies in including historical experiments in science education


Tuesday 6 October, 12-1pm
Theatre Q219
Level 2, 234 Queensberry Street
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

Please RSVP to m.toscano@unimelb.edu.au