'This above all….': The place of ethics in English teaching

Much of English teaching, whether it be mounting an argument on a social issue, analysing media, or developing a critical reading of a novel or film, implies an ethical stance.

In this seminar, Associate Professor Ray Mission will consider the relationship between ethics, belief and ideology. After looking, within a Lacanian framework, at the ways in which particular beliefs are made part of one's identity/subjectivity in such phenomena as Islamic radicalisation, it will be considered how subject English might be able to support and/or intervene in this process. The basis of ethics in English teaching will then be investigated, and an argument will be made for the importance of a conscious (if flexible) ethical position.


Wednesday 5 August, 12-1pm
Theatre Q219
Level 2, 234 Queensberry Street
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

Please RSVP to pfirth@unimelb.edu.au