The alignment of the intended and enacted curriculum in mathematics

Curriculum alignment is a complex and dynamic process impacted upon by a range of factors that are both internal and external to classrooms. This seminar will focus on the alignment of performance type expectations evident in the intended, enacted and assessed curriculum in grade 5 mathematics classrooms.

The six performance type categories used to analyse curriculum alignment are knowing, performing procedures, communicating, non-routine problem solving, reasoning and making connections.

The performance type categories for this project were developed following a comprehensive review of categories used in Porter's Cognitive Categories (Porter, Smithson, Blank & Zeidner, 2007), Webb's Criteria for Alignment (Webb, 1999), TIMSS Performance Categories (Robitaille et al. as cited in Garden, 1997) and the PISA Key Competencies (OECD, 2009).

Natasha Ziebell is a lecturer in the Master of Teaching program, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Facilitator: Lynda Ball


Tuesday 2 June, 12.30-1.30pm

Venue TBC
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

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