Reflecting on 25 years of research into disadvantaged and marginalized young people

Youth Research Centre Seminar Series 2015

Dr Helen Stokes & Dr Malcolm Turnbull, Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

With particular reference to the diversity of projects undertaken by members of the YRC over its first quarter-century, this seminar will focus on (a) the role educational settings can play in supporting marginalised young people, and (b) how these young people see their futures and articulate their aspirations. The presenters will draw on findings from ongoing research into Youth and identity as well as on multiple evaluations over the past decade of programs as diverse as Hands on Learning, City Centre, Youth Partnerships, the Young African men's Program and the Education Benalla Project.

image of Helen Stokes

Dr Helen Stokes

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Dr Helen Stokes has been a research fellow and lecturer at the Youth Research Centre since 1996 and is currently Acting Dean (Equity & Access) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

She has worked both internationally and nationally researching and evaluating programs in the youth and education sectors, notably in the areas of early school leaving, juvenile justice, vocational education and training, curriculum and pedagogy in and out of school settings, marginalized youth and interagency partnership building. Her recent book Imagining Futures focuses specifically on young Australians' identities and aspirations. experience in positioning school students as co-educators within teacher and medical education.

image of Malcom Turnbull

Dr Malcolm Turnbull

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Dr Malcolm Turnbull is a Research fellow at the YRC, a former teacher/administrator in the Special Ed and ACFE sectors, and a freelance historian with particular research interests in the Australian Jewish community, the Folksong revival of the 1960s and classic English detective fiction.

Malcolm has collaborated with Dr Helen Stokes on multiple projects at the YRC, including program evaluations for the Centre for Multi-cultural Youth, JOY FM, the DEECD and the Foundation for Young Australians; development of an Educational framework for the Berry Street organisation; and longitudinal documentation of the whole-of-community Education Benalla Project.