Re-imagining citizenship and education: A symposium

Citizenship building has historically been a key focus of national educational reforms, with curriculum programs promising the cultivation of civic capacities alongside the acquisition of formal and informal knowledge about how to be and act as a good citizen. However, the notion of citizenship itself, which has traditionally been spatially linked to the nation-state, is now under pressure. Migration, diasporas, global media and consumption, global dimensions of equity, justice, security and sustainability, recognition of minority rights, and growth of youth cultures are some of the challenges requiring new approaches to citizenship. 

This symposium explores citizenship as a problem for curriculum and schooling, and as an issue of identity formation and affiliation in changing national and transnational spaces and times.

Speakers include Jason Beech, Universidad de San Andres, Jane Kenway, Monash University, Jessica Gerrard, Julie McLeod and Fazal Rizvi, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.


Wednesday 18 November, 9.30am-12pm
Frank Tate Room
Level 9, 100 Leicester Street
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

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