Lifelong learning in the Basque Country: between global convergence and local divergence

Over the past two decades, a globally converging discourse of lifelong learning has emerged around the world, driven largely by intergovernmental organizations such as the European Commission, OECD, UNESCO, and the World Bank. This discourse has been largely embraced by national and local systems of education, but with some exceptions that reflect local traditions and priorities. This seminar by Carlos Vargas, visiting scholar from the University of Deusto (Bilbao), will examine how a local lifelong learning policy was formulated, the influences it drew from, and how these narratives were contested or accommodated in the local context. It will be argued that the globally converging discourse of lifelong learning has the potential of producing communities that are driven by individual self-interest and rampant inequalities and that an alternative characterization of lifelong learning is not only possible but desirable.


Wednesday 26 August, 1-2pm

Seminar room
Level 6, 100 Leicester Street
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

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