From the spirit to the flesh? The conditions of possibility for brain-based learning discourse and the rewriting of the child in western educational research

This seminar is presented by Professor Bernadette Baker (University of Wisconsin-Madison and QUT, Brisbane), and hosted by the Social Transformations and Education Research Hub.

Within educational research across Europe and the United States, one of the most rapidly traveling discourses and highly funded pursuits of the moment is brain-based learning (BBL). BBL is an approach to curriculum and pedagogical decision-making that is located within the new field of educational neuroscience. In some strands of BBL research the structure and function of the brain is located causally, as providing the sole and/or most important basis for making decisions about what and how to teach children, constituting what could be described as neurological foundationalism. This presentation analyses the "messy and numberless beginnings" of the hope placed upon neurological foundationalism to provide a solution to the "problem" of differences between students and to the achievement of educational goals. 


Thursday 17 September, 1-2.30pm

Frank Tate Room
Level 9, 100 Leicester Street
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

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