Comparing the assessment of statistics and probability in NAPLAN (year 9) with the High School Entrance Exam based on the new curriculum in 2011 in China

China's 2011 Curriculum for Basic Education, Statistics and Probability has assumed a more prominent role. Nowadays, the statistics literacy is very important to us all. This presentation will discuss the place of statistics and probability questions in the high school entrance exam taken by students during year 9, based on the new mathematics curriculum in 2011 in China. It will examine the proportion, presentation forms, assumed knowledge, and curriculum coverage of probability and statistics questions in this important (provincial-based) examination. Comparison is made with how NAPLAN (year 9) deals with the same content area.

Dr Chen Bifen is a lecturer at Zhejiang Normal University in China. Her research areas are mathematics pedagogical content knowledge and assessment, especially in statistics and probability.Details

Tuesday 17November, 12.30-1.30pm
Q227, Level 2
Kwong Lee Dow Building
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne

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