Terrains: Mapping learning environments evaluation across the design and education landscape

The disciplines of Education and Architecture are witnessing a burgeoning interest in the design and use of learning spaces.  To progress this discussion, partners supporting the Australian Research Council's Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments Linkage Project, in association with the University of Melbourne's Learning Environments Applied Research Network, invite current or recent research higher degree students to submit papers for the 2015 Terrains International RHD Symposium. "Terrains" will be a cartographic examination of learning spaces evaluation.  It invites all RHD students with research intersecting this topic to assemble and present short papers on their research.  Through the careful sequencing of selected papers and input after each the audience guided by expert interlocutors, Terrains will explore how this research constitutes a map of current thinking  in learning environments evaluation. Selected papers will be invited to contribute to an upcoming edited book, to be released in early 2016.