Teaching and learning English literature in Vietnam

Date: Friday, 12 September
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Venue: L221, 100 Leicester Street
RSVP: Pam Firth (pfirth@unimelb.edu.au)

PhD Completion Seminar: Ha Thi Thu Nguyen – Connecting the reader and the text

While learner-centred approaches to literature in second/foreign language education have enjoyed wide empirical support, the teaching of English literature in Vietnam still focuses on transmitting an objectified interpretation of a text.

Using an action research design, this study examined a change to this practice with the following question: How does a context-based appropriation of reader response theory impact on the teaching and learning of English literature at the undergraduate level in Vietnam?

The data from this project have been qualitatively processed with extensive and intensive coding and discourse analysis. The findings show that the project pedagogy helped the students to become engaged, dialogic, and critical in developing their own responses to the texts they studied.

This study offers a new way of understanding the role of pedagogy in reader response theory: the essential reader-text relationship was constantly regenerated and challenged by dynamic processes of mediated class participation.

Source: Pam Firth, Language & Literacy Education, pfirth@unimelb.edu.au