Progress with providing online individualised feedback for MCK testing of primary education students

Date: Tuesday 16 December
Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Venue: Q. 372, 234 Queensberry Street
RSVP: Pam Firth (

Dr Eugene Gvozdenko, Dr Vicki Steinle and Mrs Beth Price present the outcomes of the project 'Providing individualised learning plans for primary education students by means of personalised diagnostics using SMART tests'.

The project developed content and technology for providing individualised diagnostic explanations and learning suggestions to the students in 'Primary Mathematics 1', a recently flipped subject. The project utilised the existing features of the SMART formative assessment system ( and extended its feedback module by providing a diagnostic output tailored to the individual test results of adult learners, to be delivered on test completion.

Student engagement with test results was monitored in terms of the time spent on viewing the results and the number of clicks on the links to external resources that were offered in the individualised learning suggestions. The outcome of the project will be to enrich students' subject experience and increase their individual subject content knowledge.