Intersectionality, difference and family lives

Date: Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Time: 17 : 45pm - 19 : 45pm
Venue: Woodward Conference Centre Level 10, 185 Pelham St  Carlton, VIC 3053

This is the first Millsom Henry-Waring Memorial Lecture, a tribute to our colleague from the School of Social and Political Sciences and the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. The lecture will be delivered by Professor Ann Phoenix from the Institute of Education, University of London. Professor Phoenix will explore how intersectional differences are experienced in intimate family life and practices as well as in wider society.

The lecture will first consider current issues related to the theorising of intersectionality and current issues for narrative theory and research. It will then use a variety of narrative studies to consider three matters: how children negotiate experiences of living in poverty in the context of their family and peer relationships; different ways in which families marked by migration develop and live their family practices, and how difference is a crucial, but often unacknowledged part of the academy.

Source: Julie McLeod, EPEI,